About Chriz.

Tattoo is life..

"I am blessed to have the opportunity to be around great artists. It inspires me and drives my artistic passion.
I want art as an inspiration to my kids as well, positively influencing them to follow their dreams."

Chris currently resides in Montgomery County, Maryland. He is the Owner of No Sleep Tattoo Studio located in Gaithersburg, MD. His cultural roots are Hispanic. Chris began his tattooing career in 2010. He was an Apprentice for 3 years under Shannon Bond. After finishing his apprenticeship in New York, he began his tattooing career and eventually moved down to Maryland to Tattoo. He worked at a few Tattoo Studios before deciding to open his own Studio; No Sleep Tattoo.

His passion for the arts stem from his childhood being around his family who were deeply involved with the arts. He grew up surrounded by many art forms from Painting, Drawing, Writing & More. His Aunt was a great influence on his artistic passion by teaching and guiding him how to draw, paint & most importantly, appreciate art.

Tattooing is continuously evolving with technology and artistic styles. Chris strives to stay up to date with Tattoo Trends, Techniques and Technology. His Artistic Style ranges from the Traditional to the New. His personal favorite style of tattooing is Photo-Realism, Black & Grey and Japanese.

Previous Work & Videos

If you are interested in a Custom Tattoo;
please contact me directly.
+1 516 708 7914

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8511 Ziggy Lane
Gaithersburg, Maryland

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